5 Healthy Activities that Aid in Addiction Recovery


When travelling the path of addiction, recovery is the longest part of the journey. Recovery is an ongoing process of staying healthy and free from substance use for many of those battling through recovery. It’s an important aspect of sobriety to realize that whether or not you are actively sober or not, you are an addict. This is an important realization so that staying sober and focusing on recovery is always something to stay on track with and work towards. In order to stay focused on staying healthy in addiction recovery, there are some healthy activities to utilize in order to keep a healthy body and mind that stays focused on recovery.



Yoga is an exercise that focuses on strengthening the body but also strengthening the mind, which is an extremely important aspect of choosing an activity to help aid in addiction recovery. Yoga is an activity that is great for beginners because it focuses on balance and utilizing your own body weight and movement in order to gain muscle and increase heart rate. On the other hand, it’s also great for those that are already more physical because it is a great way to utilize muscles that are already formed in order to build them up and utilize them further. [Read: 4 Ways to Increase and Maintain Your Muscle Gains]

Of course there are a ton of activities you can do to focus on staying physically healthy; what yoga has that many others don’t is an emphasis on the mental side of relaxation and stress release as well. Yoga encourages meditation, clearing the mind, and focusing on performing each pose successfully. This activity’s ability to focus on keeping the mind healthy as well as the body makes it a popular choice among those in addiction recovery.

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