5 External Factors That Triggers Depression You Must Be Aware of


For those who are suffering from depression, it can be very difficult for them to live a simple and basic life. It affects how a person socialized with people. It can also affect how he or she perceives and handles the situations. And if left undiagnosed, it can be difficult to treat and could lead to loss of life.

However, depression is not a disease. It is an adaptive mechanism that some people feel when things don’t happen the way they want it. While some people may feel sad and down when their lives are not going well, people with depression tend to feel a little bit more than brief sadness.

So why do some people feel depressed? Oftentimes, depression is triggered by the events around us and activities we do. Here are some external factors that can trigger depression we should be aware of.

The Stressful Situations That You Experience


Image By: Stas Svechnikov (Unsplash)

Experiencing stressful situation such as the death of loved one, getting fired in a job or the end of a long relationship, oftentimes, are linked to the onset of clinical depression.

Likewise, one life crisis may not affect directly lead a person to depression but it can cause changes in the brain’s chemistry and limbic system. This makes a person more prone to developing depression episodes. This incidence is called “kindling-sensitization hypothesis. A series of stressful events makes a person more and more sensitive and can later one develop to chronic depression.

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