5 Essential Oils for Improved Health (and How to Use Them Correctly)


Scent has a mystic hold over human emotion and health. Ever smell something that reminded you of that one special moment, of a parent, or beloved location? Of course, you have. Some scents even go as far as having miraculous health benefits. Essential oils take these aromas and turn them into beneficial aromatherapy and other all-natural remedies that go beyond just having a dazzling scent.

What is an essential oil?

Oddly, essential oils are not “oil” at all, because they all lack fatty acids. Essential oils are actually comprised of plant compounds–bark, roots, petals, seeds, fruits, and the like.

It takes heaps to make a single vial. For example, it takes 4,000 pounds of roses to get a single pound of essential rose oil.

But, when those healthful components are packed into a single droplet, the effects are amplified immensely.

So if you ever wondered why certain essential oils are worth more than what you make per day, now you know why.

Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

Different essential oils have different benefits. Some work mainly as aromatherapy while others can be present in various DIY recipes, cleaners, and health tonics.

To use essential oils (or apply them), always dilate a few drops in water. Some can be applied without dilution directly to the skin, but when in doubt, apply to the heel of the foot to make sure you do not have a reaction.

These five essential oils are the best for aiding in health and wellness:


Lavender Oil

One of the most versatile oils, lavender may be used as aromatherapy to calm the nerves or for accelerating healing.

When lavender is applied topically to bruises, cuts, and skin irritation (like blemishes and sunburn), it will soothe the painful or irritating sensation.

Even bug bites and stings can be treated with a touch of lavender, (being an ardent traveler, I can attest to this working wonders!)

How to Use

Works best when used topically (rubbed on skin) but as previously started; it must be diluted in water first.

However, this oil also works very well using the palm rubbing methods whereby you put a few drops into your palms and rub them together. Then you can inhale the wonderful smell.

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