5 Benefits to Heroin Rapid Detox


As one of the most important drug abuse issues from coast to coast, heroin impacts virtually all aspects of society. From rural areas to the most exclusive suburbs, heroin abuse is a public health crisis of epic proportions. In fact, within the past four years 700,000 Americans used heroin at least once. As a result, more and more people now find themselves hooked on heroin, and in need of medical assistance to kick the habit. While there are numerous methods available to addicts seeking help, one of the most promising involves rapid detox.

Utilizing advanced medical procedures that are closely monitored by doctors and other healthcare professionals, it’s been made popular by the Waismann Method Rapid Detox Center. As this method gains in popularity, potential patients will need detailed information regarding the program, the safety procedures associated with it, and other aspects of this treatment method. If you or someone you know is addicted to heroin and want to get clean, here are five benefits of this procedure.

Heroin Detox

Medical Supervision

With many people who are addicted to heroin, they either enter treatment programs that have no medical supervision or try to go cold turkey on their own. Unfortunately, these attempts often fail, and in some cases may lead to additional physical problems or even death. However, by taking part in a heroin detox or opiates detox program done in a rapid manner, the chances for success improve dramatically. By being treated in a hospital for up to three days, addicts can be assured of close monitoring by a team of trained professionals.

Anesthesia Assisted Detox

A treatment method that has only recently gotten noticed by more and more people within the drug detox community, anesthesia-assisted detox produces limited withdrawal symptoms, making the heroin detox or opiates detox treatment much easier on the addict. Rather than suffer through such withdrawal symptoms as nausea, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, fever, body aches, and much more, patients instead go through a 30-90 minute procedure in the intensive care unit of an accredited hospital. By doing so, the Waismann Method Rapid Detox Center can provide a universal standard of care that can go far toward ensuring effective treatment is attained.

Safety Standards

When going through this procedure, patients can have peace of mind knowing that their treatment team is monitoring their program to make sure the highest possible safety standards are observed. For example, patients usually check into the hospital the day before beginning their detox program.

On that day, patients can be properly evaluated medically by being given a physical exam, pre-medication to ease into the process, and follow-care to ensure no unexpected problems develop. By performing the detox in a private setting and then allowing the patient ample time to recover, patients can then avoid most of the common complications that usually go along with a normal detox.

Proper Aftercare

For years, addicts who went through a detox program within a typical treatment program found themselves with little if any aftercare. In most instances, once the program was completed, they were immediately discharged from the program or were simply sent to a hotel room once they were finished. Because of this, relapse rates continued to be extremely high, and patients continued to be frustrated with the results. However, patients who use this detox method often discover their results to be vastly different.

By having access to personalized inpatient care for several days, patients can then improve much quicker. And most importantly, many of the usual physical discomforts, emotional problems, and sleep difficulties that accompany standard detox programs can be virtually eliminated. Along with this, patients continue to have access to their treatment team, giving them the ability to ask questions and be assured by experienced professionals that they are on the proper course for kicking their drug habit.

Sedation Rather Than General Anesthesia

Surprisingly, many drug treatment professionals continued to believe general anesthesia was the best way to treat drug addiction. However, because this method would usually produce nausea, vomiting, and even more serious symptoms such as dehydration or cardiac difficulties, it was eventually replaced with detoxing rapidly. Rather than force patients to undergo an archaic procedure that brings numerous problems with it, they can simply be put under sedation for as little as 30 minutes or as much as 90 minutes and have peace of mind, realizing their safety is the top priority.

While it is never easy to kick a drug habit under any circumstances, heroin detox or opiates detox can be made much easier through the use of sedation. By having board-certified doctors and other professionals as part of their treatment team, addicts can be given the reassurance they need to rid themselves of a habit that does nothing but destroy their lives as well as those of family and friends.

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