5 Amazing Breathing Yoga for New Mothers


Get ready to set a journey from Post-Pregnancy to Pre-Pregnancy period. This journey is for all the aspiring new moms who wish to get back in their pre-maternity figure. Now the concept of time-travelling would no longer be a sci-fi. Because these Breathing Exercises in Yoga Pranayama when given regular attention would help you time travel in your pre-pregnancy days. This exclusive list of ‘Breathing Yogas for new moms’, is for those who want to get back their “Good old days.” Or should we say those “Good old clothes”?

Breathing Yoga

Why is Breathing Yoga a favorite?

The benefits of breathing yoga makes it a favorite and most preferred exercise type among new mothers. It is certainly as easy as breathing when done with a relaxed mind. Also, it is safer than other post delivery exercises, which involve much of the exhaustive physical work and more time.

After delivery, many new mothers either feel overwhelmed and some even suffer from postpartum depression, where she feels irritant and/or disinterested in nursing her baby and other activities. Such Breathing exercise for Postpartum depression would keep you relaxed, you body would also get toned. Besides your skin would look healthy and glowing like it is supposed to.

But most importantly, these effective exercises after delivery would bring your organs back to their original positions which get misplaced inside your body when you are pregnant. Since you know internal organs near and around abdomen, stomach, liver etc, gets shifted due to the growth of baby in a women’s womb. With such Breathing Yogas for postnatal internal organ’s shifting, you could bring back your organs to their original position, quite soon.

Before Yoga

  • Since these Pranayama yoga come under the category of breathing exercises, you should preferably do this in an open space. Or else a well-ventilated room would also serve the purpose.
  • It’s important that you wear light fabric clothes. Tight leggings or joggers would make you feel uncomfortable. Evidently, you won’t be able to concentrate on your breathing pattern.
  • You could wear flared cotton pants which is not tight around your waist. If you are going through postpartum sweating which continues to exist, even after many weeks of delivery.
  • If you plan to perform these yoga(s) during evening time, make sure that you start it 4 hours after lunch. Otherwise exercising with an empty stomach, early morning is also a best option.
  • Talking about your sitting position (i.e. your posture), it must be correct too. A correct posture for breathing yoga is that, one has to keep her spinal cord straight and aligned with the back of her neck.
  • Before starting don’t forget to consult with your doctor, to know if you could start with these exercises. As depending upon your chosen type of delivery, your recovery period may vary.

During Yoga

  • You should know that there is a difference between forcing ‘yourself’ to exercise and forcing your ‘body’ to exercise.
  • In the former case you are supposed to include exercises in your daily routine without being lazy. You should be strong willed. Force your mind to perform them routinely.
  • On the contrary, in latter case when you would force your body in pain for exercising that is not good. Don’t force your body unnecessarily.
  • If you feel any kind of ‘pain’ or ‘stress’ in your muscles while performing these Yogas, please discontinue.

After Yoga

  • Another important piece of advice is that: – Don’t do any rigorous exercise after performing breathing Yogas.
  • As after Pranayama you need relax and feel fresh. It’s also important that you eat healthy foods as well. Only then your efforts would give you effective results.

Following are the 5 Breathing Yogas that are found to be suitable for new moms:

Remember before starting any of these pranayamas you could warm up in Corpse Shavasana Yoga pose. Where you need to lie down on your mat with your palms facing upwards, arms and legs wide apart, like a corpse with a free empty mind.

  1. Kapalbhati

Tips & Benefits

  • This is an abdominal breathing exercise. In every breathing yoga type, you must see how you breathe.
  • In Kapalbhati you inhale through your nostrils. Usually, when we inhale, our stomach gets tucked in.
  • However here you are supposed to do the opposite. Your abdomen should rise instead of getting tucked in when you inhale.
  • You will see in the Video above that while inhaling, the instructor also raise up his hands. If you could sync your breathing with the movement of hands, it’s well and good. Otherwise, you could simply rest your palm on your knees for ease.
  • When you exhale tuck in your stomach by contracting one’s abdominal muscles, as much as you can. Your inhalation must be deep while your exhalations must be short, quick and rhythmic.
  • Ten to twenty rounds of Kapalbhati would suffice in the beginning, later your can increase it.
  • This Breathing Yoga would help you burn, stubborn fat present in your abdominal area. Also, it purifies the blood, improves blood circulation system, nervous system, and energizes human body etc.
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