4 Ways to get a Better Night’s Sleep


Even when you’re tired, a good night’s sleep can be incredibly difficult to achieve. If you’ve been having consistent problems with your sleeping patterns, these four tips could be just what you need.

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Switch off

We spend far too much time looking at the world through a computer screen. As you start to get tired, try to limit your exposure to technology like your computer and the TV. A much better alternative is to read a book for an hour or so before you sleep. This will give your eyes a much needed chance to rest.

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A lot of us have a love-hate relationship when it comes to naps. We either feel completely refreshed or wake up feeling even worse than we did before. When done properly, napping is a fantastic way to catch up on sleep if you’ve had a restless night.

It’s recommended that you only nap for between 30 and 60 minutes: any longer than this and you risk falling into a deeper stage of sleep. Try to split your day in half by taking a nap around mid-day. Napping too late could cause you to have problems sleeping again that night.

Think about the right things

Our minds tend to wander when we try to sleep. With nothing else to distract us, it very easy to lie awake in the darkness, dwelling on important aspects of our life like our job, relationship or financial situation. These aren’t soothing thoughts that will gently rock you to sleep.

Instead, pick a peculiar scenario and imagine how you would react. Going to sleep thinking about what you’d buy if you won the lottery is much better than worrying about that promotion at work.

If you still find yourself staring at the bedroom ceiling – feeling powerless to nod off – you might want to consider taking a sleeping remedy. They can be particularly effective when used sparingly and for situations like jet lag. Medicines2u is an online pharmacy that has an array of sleeping tablets and aids that can help you drift off.

Eat the right foods

Food and drink high in calcium and protein are great for promoting sleep. A glass of warm milk – just as mother always suggested – is a great beverage before bed. You should avoid consuming foods that are high in sugar, caffeine and energy. But, don’t despair, you can still enjoy a cup of tea or coffee – just make the switch to decaf in the evening so your sleep is not disrupted.

Bananas are another great food to eat as bed time approaches. They contain high levels of magnesium which can naturally relax your muscles and prepare you for slumber.

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Eating at the right time is just as important as eating the right things. Try to refrain from eating at least three hours before you intend to go to sleep. The digestion process can keep you awake if you’ve gone to bed after having a late meal.

For those that are trying to overcome sleep apnoea, be sure to read our guide which walks you through five simple home remedies.

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