4 Ways to Make a Home Safe and Healthy for Kids


Homes ought to be places where kids find safety. However, estimates show that over three million kids get injured every year in homes. This is because homes that are friendly to adults are not necessarily safe for kids. By finding out what potential risks exist in the home, parents can easily take measures to prevent accidents and keep their children safe at home. Young kids spend most of the time indoors. This means that homes should be free of obvious hazards as well as those that are not so obvious. Here are five things parents can do to prevent injury and keep their homes safe for children:

safe home for Kids

  1. Keep toxic substances away

Homes have numerous toxic substances including cleaning agencies and medications. At a young age, kids, especially toddlers tend to put stuff they come across in the mouth. To keep you children safe, consider keeping such substances locked up in cheap storage units Denver or in other places where your children cannot reach them. By doing so, you reduce chances of kids taking poisonous substances significantly.

  1. Keep hot water away

While kids can easily drown in bathtubs, they are also likely to get scalded by hot water. Babies or toddlers who get exposure to hot water can get scalded within a few seconds. To avoid hot water accidents in homes, parents or guardians need to ensure that hot water is placed in spaces that are not easily accessible to kids.  When bathing children, parents should test bath water temperatures with the back of your hand or elbow before putting kids in the tub. Also, ensure that children are not exposed to hot surfaces or fire. Whenever they are near hot spaces such as heaters, stoves, microwaves or stoves, it is important to monitor them closely. Ensure that hot drinks are placed away from children to avoid accidents.

  1. Install safety gates to prevent falls

When kids become mobile, they become more susceptible to falls. Falls are among major causes of unintended injury among kids. They are often at risk of getting hurt due to falls either off furniture or down the stairs. For instance, toddlers lose balance most of the time as they learn how to walk. To prevent falls in the home, consider installing wall-mounted gates at the start and end of the stairs. Also, cushion table edges, fireplaces and corners with padding to prevent children from hurting their heads in case they topple over.

  1. Install guards on windows

Over 4000 children are admitted in hospitals each year for falling off windows. To prevent these kinds of accidents, parents need to consider installing rows of bars that are easy to release in case of emergency on their windows. The cords on shades and blinds can strangle toddlers and babies. It is therefore advisable to place furniture such as cribs some distance from windows. Alternatively, use cordless coverings on windows in the bedrooms used by kids.

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