4 Ancient Herbs to Improve Mental Performance


It is easy for people living in modern times to consider ourselves more intelligent or technologically advanced than our ancestors. While this may be true in many ways, there are some tricks our ancestors used that most people have never heard of.

Many cultures across the globe used different herbs, roots, and extracts in order to improve their mental performance. In those days, mental performance was important, but not as much as it has been in modern times since the scientific revolution.

In the western world, most people utilize their brain in order to make a living and this is why the wisdom from our ancient ancestors is so well worth the time and effort. Using these four ancient herbs, you can improve various aspects of your mental performance and be more successful in your professional and personal life.

1Rhodiola Rosea

this herb is native to Russia, China, and some parts of Scandinavia. In fact, hundreds of years ago Viking warriors used to take rhodiola rosea as a way of improving their strength and adapting to the cold weather conditions. Given they were sailing across frozen waters, they needed all the help they could get!

Rhodiola is considered an “adaptogen”, which means it can help to reduce the body’s reaction to stress. There are also studies that show rhodiola can reduce symptoms of depression at a rate of 30 – 35% and even as high as 50% in some patients. This doesn’t mean that people suffering from depression or anxiety should stop taking their prescription medications, but rhodiola rosea might be a natural option to research.




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