3 Tips for Saving Money On Your Prescription Medications


At some point in most people’s lives, you’ll be prescribed by a physician to take a prescription medication, be it for a sinus infection, back pain or chronic headaches. And while these prescriptions can be extremely beneficial for fighting off symptoms and harmful health effects, they can also be very expensive. For those who are struggling to find the money to afford your necessary prescriptions each month, here are three tips for saving  money on your doctor-prescribed medications.

Addictive Prescription Drugs

Take Advantage of Helpful Apps

When your doctor prescribes you medication, you have more options for filling those prescriptions than you might think. While you may have previously always went to your local pharmacy, there are apps you can use to shop around and find the best prices for your medication at pharmacies in your area.

According to ABC News, some of the best apps for searching out pharmacies that can offer you the best prices for your medications include GoodRx and LowestMeds. To use these apps, simply download them to your phone or tablet and enter the name of the drug and your zip code.

Use Generic Medications Whenever Possible

Although some medications don’t have a generic option, many of the drugs your doctor will prescribe to you, especially the more commonly prescribed medications, will have a generic option that can save you major bucks. In fact, according to WebMD, about 80 percent of FDA-approved medications have generic options that can save the user about four-times the amount spent on brand name drugs.

If you haven’t talked to your physician about generic alternatives to your medications, bring this topic up at your next appointment. Most doctors will gladly help you save some money by prescribing you the generic version of your medication that will help your health improve.

Get Yourself a Discount Card

For those who have already found the best pharmacy for filling their medication and have sought after generic versions of the drugs yet are still looking for cost savings, free medication discount cards are available from a myriad of places and companies. According to EverydayHealth.com, these companies will partner with pharmacies in order to have the ability to offer discounted medication to consumers who chose to use their card services. Because these discount cards can work for all types of medication and under any insurance circumstances, this money saving option is great for anyone to take advantage of.

Taking prescription medications is a necessary part of life for many people throughout the world. And because many of these people also don’t have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to spend on drugs, it’s important to find ways to cut costs. By using the tips mentioned above, you should be able to save yourself a decent amount of money on your prescription medications each and every time.

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