Top 3 Teas That Help You Lose Weight and Fight Skin Cancer


What Is Puerh Tea?

As you’ll probably know, there are many teas on the market claiming to help you lose weight and one such tea if Green Pu-erh (also known as “sheng” and “raw” Pu-erh).  It’s actually one of the oldest teas you can find growing in China and has been enjoyed for somewhere in the region of 2000 years.  Due to its amazing qualities, it’s considered to be one of the most preferred teas for those who are connoisseurs in tea.

Puerh Tea

Pu-erh can often be regarded like a fine wine as it improves with age and you’ll find some that are as old as 50 years or more.  Due to the fine quality of this tea, there are some people willing to pay huge amounts for it and it can be worth more than its weight in gold.

Because Pu-erh is in such high demand, there are some companies churning out sub-standard teas simply to make a quick buck.  Sure, there are more modern methods of processing tea these days however the best quality teas will always be prepared in traditional means.  Stone moulds are used to form individual “teacakes” and then they are sun dried.

Allowing the Pu-erh tea to age is crucial if you wish to have the best quality product.  This is because when the tea is young they contain very powerful tannins which make it taste very harsh and raw.  Those who really value tea will only drink the tea after it’s been aged for 5 years or more.

Another interesting fact about Pu-erh is that the color darkens as it ages.  The ageing process allows the more desirable flavors to flourish and gives it more mellowness.  However the maturing process isn’t a simple one and can’t be rushed.

Many people in China and Japan highly prize their tea collections and often treat tea as an investment for the future.  It’s much like people in the West investing in wine.

Due to the amazing qualities of Pu-erh tea, you’ll find it in Tava Tea which is a blend of three different teas to offer you the best slimming and health benefits you can.

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