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3 Reasons One Should Meditate

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History and religion both have validated the power of meditation. Some people meditate as part of their religious rituals while others have been doing it as a historical practice. Some people view it solely as a religious thing and refrain from doing it otherwise but that is hardly the case. Whatever the reason may be science accepts how great meditation can be for one’s physical and mental well being.


We are so connected to the world all the time with our phones, our tablets, our laptops and the television that the only person that we are not able to connect with is ourselves. Our body and our soul demand our attention and I will tell you today why it is essential for everyone to meditate.

3. It gives you peace of mind

Sometimes we are so busy in the hustle bustle of our lives that we forget to enjoy the little things that we should appreciate. Meditation is the way we can enjoy those little things. No one is asking you to dedicate hours and hours to meditation. In fact I am not even telling you to take out 1 hour a day but your mind deserves at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet to sort out the 100s of gigabyte worth information it receives every day. I say this time and again meditation is the medication for your soul.

All your tension, all your worries and all your reasons for anxiety will disappear if only you can think rationally. According to Ellis and many other psychologists, the main reason behind depression is our faulty thought patterns that develop over time; they hinder us from feeling better. All that is required to break free from that pattern is objective thinking. If you are able to put aside your stress and think objectively, you can achieve peace of mind and meditation helps you get there.

Meditation also helps you achieve patience and relaxation. Even when you are not meditating, you will encounter life with a positive accepting attitude. This will help achieve peace and happiness. You will have a positive aura around you that others will appreciate

2. It is great for your Body

Your mental health is closely related to your physical wellbeing; which is why meditation does wonders for your body as well

a) It helps you lose weight

Stress makes your body produce an enzyme called cortisol. Cortisol deposits on your lower belly which forms that little pooch that does not go away easily. It is also deposited in your thighs and under your chin on your neck. This makes you gain a lot of weight. If we stop being stressed then this hormone is secreted out of your body.

b) It helps your heart health

Meditation is especially helpful for the heart. Blood pressure patients should consider meditating every day. When we meditate, we release a compound called nitric oxide which helps open up blood vessels thereby bringing a drop in blood pressure and preventing other heart issues.

c) It reduces aging effects

According to a study by UCLA meditation helps reduce the ageing effects in the brain. It can help prevent many degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Meditation can basically reduce the white matter atrophy in the brain. In simple words the study shows that meditation can alter the structure of the brain.

1. It increases your productivity

Time and again researches prove that stress reduces our productivity. As I have mentioned earlier… meditation helps you reduce stress and it enables you to think positively. In the 21st century work and college stress is commonplace. Financial issues and family issues also help alleviate our stress. This results in loss of productivity. Even if you are a homemaker, you are bound to have some level of stress. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 18% of the US’ adult population are suffering from depression. Instead of taking medicine that have several side effects it is better to just meditate and get rid of stress.

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