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3 Major Approaches Used in Sex Therapy

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A sex therapist can provide support to a couple at the same time or a person who is on their own. There are many problems which can arise because of sex. Someone can be addicted to it or they might have paid for sex. A husband or wife might have had an affair which could be tearing apart their marriage. A therapist can be found on a therapy directory which profiles a considerable number of professionals that are in a particular area.

Sex Therapy

There are many approaches which can be used during sex therapy:


If a man cannot keep an erection or a woman is unable to reach orgasm, there might be many issues in their past which are preventing them from doing so. Either partner might have been abused as a child which is affecting their enjoyment of sex. By addressing these issues, they can find closure and their sex life can improve.

Current issues

Stress can play a huge role in how enjoyable sex is. If they haven’t had a partner for a long time, a person who is single might not be able to express themselves sexually. By addressing these issues, they can be overcome.


Even if a husband apologized to his wife for committing adultery, this can affect their sex life because he will still feel very guilty. The same applies to a person who has had a sexual disease – they might be ashamed even though they no longer have an STI. When guilt isn’t a problem anymore, sex can be enjoyed.

If any of these issues apply, help should be sought from a therapist. Why not refer to a directory for more information?

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  1. Lu Li says

    There are more sex problems that aren’t been addressed properly nor successfully solved. Some people cannot afford a therapist, a free dating guide about sex can also help sex issues of someone else. They can be found on my site.

  2. Chloe Wallace says

    I am not yet into this kind of situations. And I hope I will not experience any of these and enjoy my marriage life.

  3. William says

    Sex therapy is useful for those couples who are facing certain problems regarding their sex life. In this therapy you have to follow certain approaches like above described while enjoying sex.

  4. bondsman444 says

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  5. mike says

    Great post. If more couples understood that a healthy sex life includes communication there would be less problems. My wife and I have been happily married for 15 years and it all comes down to communication!

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Wooow, that is great Mike. I wish you happy more marriage life

  6. Ben says

    It is amazing that “sex addiction” is still not taken very seriously. Thank you for bringing up some great points!

  7. Adele says

    Ben makes a great point, “sex addiction” is STILL not taken seriously! People think how can “sex” be addicting? But like everything else in this world it can become a dangerous obsession that controls (and eventually kills) your life. Great post.

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