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3 Big Reasons why Robot Surgeries Deliver Much Better Results

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Do you remember when doctors used to preform surgery on a patient using their hands? Maybe you can remember because it still happens today, but there is a good chance it’s not going to happen much in the future. Robots are taking over and they’re already doing a great job performing some complex surgeries.

Don’t worry too much because your fate doesn’t rest in the hands of artificial intelligence as a doctor will still be on the other end of the machine. They’ll simply be controlling the robot and to convince you it’s going to change the world we’ll look at why robot surgeries are so great.

Robot Surgeries

Less blood loss

When someone cuts into you with a knife you can expect to see a good amount of blood, especially if the incision is big enough. It means a lot of blood transfusions usually take place. This all changes when a robot cuts into your skin and the amount of blood loss is dramatically reduced. Less blood transfusions need to be carried out and there isn’t as much mess to clean up.

The reason robots beat human doctors every day of the week is because they don’t need to make as big incisions. They don’t need as much space to work and they are a lot more precise. I hope you’ll still feel comfortable knowing a robot is cutting into you because if you don’t lose as much blood on the operating table it can only be a good thing.

A better finish

If your car needs a new paint job you better hope whoever is doing it is skilled otherwise the finish will look terrible. It will be painfully obvious someone has made a mess of your car and if it’s bad enough you might need to get it redone. This is the way some people feel when they go under the knife because they hate the permanent scars they’re left with.

We’ve already mentioned the fact robots make smaller incisions, but do you have any idea what this means? Once the bandages come off you will be happy with the results because you won’t have terrible scars. I’m not saying you won’t be left with scars, but they will be less obvious. This will help a lot of people who suffer mentally because they can’t handle being disfigured.

Recover quicker

Once a patient realizes they’re safe they switch their attention to their scars, but eventually they will start getting agitated because they want to jump out of bed. If someone takes ages to recover it could affect their life in a negative way. Maybe they need to get back to work because they have a family to look after. If you’re operated on by a robot you’ll recover a lot quicker.

Robotic surgery is a lot less intrusive, which could have something to do with the fact a doctor isn’t leaning over you sticking their fingers everywhere. A robot can get in and out without touching anything they’re not supposed to. If your recovery time is reduced it means you can return to your normal life before the frustration kicks in.

How do you feel?

Just because you don’t need an operation at the moment it doesn’t mean you’ll not need one in the future. It’s possible you could be lying on the table underneath a robot. Would you feel safer knowing WALL-E is going to be sticking his metal hands inside you? I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the results considering everything we’ve spoken about today. The only thing you might be upset about is losing your battle scar because you won’t be able to show it off.

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Jennie Peters, the author of this article, works at Freedom Lift Systems, specialists in handicap lift systems. Jennie is passionate about fashion and likes to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

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  1. adwaiot sakarde says

    robotic surgeries are indeed the future of medical sciences. In India was already have robot assisted surgeries for many problems.

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    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Woooow that is a good thing to hear

  2. Jay says

    I think that taking a decision in a critical surgery can only be done by an expert as Robots cannot think themselves so far

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