Here’s Why 2017’s Food Trends Will Make You Happy


What do we all work so hard for? Four square meals a day, isn’t it? Now that we are working so hard, we deserve a lot more than just meals – we want our food to be delicious, and our plates to look inviting. With the culinary boundaries blurring beyond belief, food has transcended from being one of life’s basics to an art. With another year of gastronomical delights gone by, it’s time for us to check what things will make the foodie in us squeal with happiness in 2017.

Food Trends

  1. Superfoods

2017 will all be about filling the nutritional gaps that our existing foods have. Kale, spirulina, moringa, and chia seeds will be the new game changers, making their way into our regular food items and beverages. From spirulina ice creams to kale shakes, the era of superfoods is here to stay!

  1. Vegetarian Food

It’s predicted that 2017 won’t be a great year for meat and fish because vegetables will take over the culinary world. Faux meat – the one in which vegetables replace meat preparations like burgers, sausages, steaks, and even ribs – will be a huge winner.

  1. Butcher-To-Table

It might sound a bit gross to a few readers, but this concept will be in a rage in 2017. You can choose which cut of meat you want, see it being cut, prepped and cooked, and enjoy it on your fine dine table. Whatsay?

  1. Breakfast Will Go Yo

Whoever said breakfast had to be healthy could get themselves some fried chicken for brekkie. Yep, breakfast is going to go all hip and fancy, with sinfully good fried stuff, cake, and donuts being the most likely to be served items. Who wants to skip breakfast now?

  1. Go Purple

Purple will be the color of the year. Anything purple will be gobbled up with sheer joy. From purple cabbage to purple cauliflower and sweet potatoes, eating will the new painting the town in purple.

  1. Japanese Joy

If Chinese food took the world by storm, another Asian cuisine is all set to rule the plates this year. Japanese food will become 2017’s rage, and everything from Sushi to Tempura, Asia’s next food biggie is here!

  1. Nuts For Coconuts

Coconut will be the toast of the year. From making sugar out of it to devouring its white flesh and using it in the form of oil for cooking, the many benefits of this seed-fruit-nut will make people go gaga over it.

  1. Makeover For Pasta

Forget the regular pasta that you order, or cook. 2017 is going to bring in some serious changes to the way pasta is made. Pesto pasta can move over, because quinoa, chickpea, and lentil varieties of the Italian goodness will be here.

  1. Jackfruit – The Wonder Fruit

It’s been dubbed as the ‘miracle fruit’ as one jackfruit is enough to feed many mouths. Thanks to its shredded chicken-like texture when it’s unripe, and amazing sweetness when it ripens, jackfruit will be seen in entrees, main courses, and desserts.

  1. Back To The Roots

2017 will see a lot of ethnic kitchen secrets come to the fore. With many chefs now exploring hidden gems in their cultures, 2017 will see a lot of rustic and ethnic dishes take everyone’s breath away.

  1. In A Jiffy

The year 2017 will be a blessing for all those people who love food but don’t cook. With many startup companies venturing into the culinary industry, cheap, well-cooked food will be delivered to you in a jiffy using the latest technology. You never know, your next order might just arrive on a drone!

  1. Leftover Magic

Forget about using all fancy stuff to enhance the flavors of your dish. Leftovers will be the new rage. Cauliflower stems, carrot greens, and leftover turnips – these will be adding those bold and beautiful flavors to your dish.

  1. No Wastage Apps

With so many amazing varieties and options available, you might just end up buying more than you require. If you are worried that you’ll end up wasting your food, then fret not. 2017 will see a boom in apps that help you ‘donate’ your food.

With these trends in sight, are you ready for another year of lip-smacking goodness? Gear up to treat your taste buds to some awesome witchcraft happening in kitchens all around the world!

Author Bio:

SuprajaSupraja is a home maker and a full-time mom. Her interests lie in writing, healthy cooking, and kitchen gardening. She is a certified english professional from the University of Cambridge and also pursuing a course on fitness and nutrition. She is a regular contributor to and writes to share her views on healthy practices and inspire readers to embrace a hassle free life.

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