10 Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Water Intake

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Our bodies are made of 70% water. Our cells, organs, tissues joints and different systems all have water. It is the second most important thing after oxygen that you require for survival. Sadly, water is the second most popular beverage after soft drinks in the U.S. This is rather sad, as sugary fizzy drinks don’t do you any good instead they give you obesity, heart problems and sometimes even kidney problem and other associated problems.

Mild dehydration can give you dizziness, fatigue, headaches, dry mouth and make you feel lightheaded. Severe dehydration can lead to organ failure which could even be fatal. Mild dehydration has such meek symptoms that we often neglect them or think we are just too tired. We would pop in a pain killer or opt for artificially sweetened food and drinks as source of energy. Stop doing that, and analyze how much water you take in a day. There are numerous benefits of drinking water. We have just gathered the top 10 for you.

  1. Keeps You Energized and Relieves Fatigue:

FatigueOur brains are mostly water. When you have water at regular intervals it gives you an energy boost. It also relieves you of fatigue and lethargic feelings. Even slight dehydration can impact the functioning of your brain and deprive you of energy; it also affects your memory and ability to recall things. Most of turn towards coffee or soda when feeling lethargic but did you know that these things can just give you an instant energy burst but actually dehydrate you even further? It is ok to have a cup or two in a day but don’t go for that big gulp every time you need to open up your tired eyes. Instead work on consciously increasing your water intake.

  1. Promotes Weight Loss

Weight LossIf you are trying to shed a few pounds or more, water can be your best aid. It is advised to have at least one glass full before each meal. Water helps you in feeling fuller, so naturally you eat less. Water is the only drink which has zero calories, and by filling your tummy with water you naturally reduce your calorie intake as well. Another advantage of having water prior to meals is that it helps our bodies to get rid of the by-products of fat we consume.

  1. Detoxifies:

DetoxifiesWater is an amazing antioxidant. It helps our bodies to get rid of all the toxins, which build up over time due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices. It regulates your liver function. Our liver plays a pivotal part in digestion and separating nutrients and toxins. Increased levels of water help toxin removal and oxidation damage from all our organs. As you urinate and sweat more your body naturally releases toxins.

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I agree with all the tips stated above. Aside from that, water helps sustain our skin’s natural glow and radiance, restoring our once wrinkled and dry skin!