10 Factors That Boost Your Health. Hygiene Included!


Why is food hygiene so important?

We know about it. We practice it. But are we completely aware of the boosting abilities of food hygiene. We should be well-versed with the most important components – Storage, Cleanliness, Preparation and Cooking.  These four comprise of the four pillars of food hygiene. Let’s discuss the first two.
Boost Your Health

Now, let’s take a roundup of the factors that boost your health:

#1. Storage

Every food package has storage related advice printed on it. Read it well. Some of the most common ones include maintaining temperature between 0-5 degree Celsius and keeping freezer at -18 degree Celsius. There is a different way to store different things like seafood and raw meat should be at the bottom, frozen food in the freezer, not to store open tins of food directly, and so on. Follow the instructions.

#2. Cleanliness

It is an important and perhaps the most boosting of all the facts about healthy nutritious diet. Before eating or preparing the food, wash hands properly starting from the nails to the wrists. Remove any jewelry, if you are wearing it. Use clean utensils and clean the area you are cooking. Wash hand towels, tea towels and dish cloths regularly. The kitchen should be free of dampness, it promotes bacterial growth.

In the same manner, preparation and cooking should be done hygienically.

#3. Food Preparation Is Important

Why? Because it can save you from a lot of foodborne diseases. Out of 10 people lying on the hospital beds, 1 is due to the contaminated food. Contamination is the reason behind these people landing up in there. Hence food preparation should be done with extreme caution.

#4. Proper Food Preparation Can Prevent Cancer

Common symptoms of foodborne diseases include stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea. Extreme symptoms can make you terminally ill as some foods can cause cancer as they are laden with heavy metals or naturally occurring toxins. And not just cancer, some neurological disorders as well. Also taking supplements but without paying attention to hygiene is like playing with your health. So whether you are taking a normal vitamin supplement, the best bodybuilding supplements or for some infection, hygiene is important. Keep hands clean.

#5. Kids, Elders Should Pay Attention To What They Are Eating

Sick, elderly, infants and pregnant women form a group that is most susceptible to suffer from malpractices in food hygiene. The problem can sometimes become extremely dangerous with diseases taking a serious turn. May cost lives too. The impact on immunocompromised people is much higher.

#6. Globalization Impact

The world has become a global village with items including food traveling from one part of the world to another. The trade doesn’t only take food far and wide, it takes along with it some diseases too. A lot of outbreaks in the recent past are a clear evidence of the same. Immediate reaction in the form of product recall can though put a halt on further spread, but pre-transit investigation and a vigilant scrutiny while packing and transporting is important.

#7. Collaboration and Communication is Vital

The role of science and technology cannot be negated when it comes to global food safety, but one must ensure high level collaboration between governmental departments and agencies in agriculture, education, health and trade. When these work in cohesion, food hygiene and safety is what we get. Civilians and consumer groups should play their part too.

#8. Affects immnuocompromised People More

Poor and old people are more susceptible to foodborne diseases. They shouldn’t eat anything that poses even a slightest risk of falling ill or are doubtful about.

#9. Drug Resistant Bacteria

It is a global problem. Overuse of antimicrobials in animal husbandry and agriculture is the prime reason for rise in antimicrobial resistance. These microbes get transmitted to humans through food. Stopping their use can save the human race.

#10. Learn about food safety

How much do you know about the food safety measures. Maintaining hygiene is all fine, but unfortunately our knowledge is limited to the general dos and don’ts only. Everyone should strive for the  knowledge that ensures good health and hence make clever choices when it comes to picking up food items. To learn about food safety and common food hazards, start reading food labels. Pick up this habit as soon as possible.

Your role is most important. Take it seriously!

These are frightening enough, aren’t they? But, not so, if you keep a tab on your food choices and the related stuff like – where they come from, how they are prepared and how well they are served.

The factors include a few more things like the tools you use in your kitchen.

One of them is the kitchen extractor and ventilation system

A common tool found in our kitchens. The ducts and over the cooker canopies have filters which must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis or as per the requirement. This extends to food handlers too. Understanding and implementing the most advanced hygiene techniques is extremely important. Getting certified is also important to be able to cater to the public who is seeking healthy nutritional diet. Make sure other things that you use while serving eating or storing are also clean.

Restaurants and food outlets too should get certified before starting serving the public.

That’s all about it. Now it’s your turn to follow up. Period!

  • Kids are our future, elders our responsibility.
  • Infants and children need special care. They are more susceptible to foodborne disease. Close to
  • 1,25,000 children die due to foodborne diseases every year.

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