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10 Effective Weight Loss Tips

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Weight loss is the concern of every other person on earth. We all have the same story that we promise ourselves to stick to a fitness regime full of workout and healthy diet. But soon, we are enjoying pizzas at our friend’s birthday treat and our promises are broken with one invitation call for a party. It is all about being honest with you and having a strong will power.

Weight Loss

Here are some of the useful tips which one can follow in their daily routine for shedding some extra pounds:-

  1. Restrict on your entertainment

It is really difficult to control your taste hormones from attracting towards tasty dishes lying by your side, when you go out for meals. The best way is to cut down on your frequency of going out on meals.

2. Skip the salty snacks

Skipping salty snacks like spicy and salted chips, nuts and “monacco” biscuits contribute a great deal towards reducing calories. Always go for low-calorie chips, as many options are available in that also.

3. Have a low calorie healthy breakfast

Start having healthy breakfast like a brown bread sandwich, salad or oats. Completely avoid oily and heavy breakfast like “paranthas” and “puris“. Skipping the breakfast is a bad idea, but having a healthy one is something great!

4. Perform physical activity wherever possible

Just a 50 times jumping jacks session or 10 minutes rope skipping session can do miracles in your weight loss process. Even doing some household chores like cleaning or washing dishes can burn some calories.

5. Quit smoking

Smoking may be a stress-buster, but it is harmful for health and can make you fat. Just stop smoking and join some gym or aerobics for fighting stress.

6. Healthy happy hours

People are excited about Happy hours as they get alcohol for half price. But mock tails are also on the happy hour menu. Choosing mocktails on this occasion would refrain you from getting more calories.

7. Musical work-out

Make your workout sessions interesting with energetic playlist in your iPod. Play the music loud using woofers if feasible. This motivates you to exercise more.

8. Rely on veggies

Try to eat more and more vegetables as they are quiet filling and good for metabolism also. Snacks full of veggies are always better than cheese burst pizzas.

9. Jogging really works

Take out time for jogging at least 20 minutes a day. It increases your heart rate and shows great results in terms of weight loss.

10. Cut down mid-night snacks

Many people are in a habit of snacking late night, especially the hostellers and bachelors. Although enjoyable, but mid-night snacks increase a lot of weight. Cut down on mid-night meals strictly.

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