10 Biggest Yoga Mistakes You Can Make in Yoga Class


Yoga, is very popular among women. It helps to lose your extra fats and keep your body in shape. It is the finest form of workout which not only effects or body but also the mental health. Experts say that if you want to make maximum out of your yoga moves, you must do it right.  If you don’t know how to handle different yoga steps, you can have accidents like breaking a bone, stretching a muscle or increasing your exhaustion level instead of being refreshed. Here we are telling you about 10 most committed mistakes in yoga class. Most of the people don’t even know that how much strength they have to put to their yoga practice.

Yoga Class

Holding Breathe:

It is most important to hold your breath while being in a challenging yoga pose. Most of the time we are breathing just unconsciously. When you are bending your body, your body need a good ratio of oxygen so that your muscle fiber may get the sufficient amount of oxygen to burn. If you are trying to balance your body and you are not constantly breathing, you will fall due to insufficient oxygen consumption.

Avoid pushing hard:

Yoga is something that keeps your body relax so no kind of pressure is included in yoga practice. No pain no gain is a rule but it is strictly drawn out of yoga class. The best trick for you to remember is that you do not need to feel pain during any pose of yoga. It has been observed that many workout and exercises need lots of pain and stress to do them, yoga is totally out of it.

Inferiority complex is your enemy:

Never ever compare yourself with other yogis. Keep one thing in your mind that all of you have different bodies. You cannot be equal to anyone and no one can be equal to you. Just concentrate on what you do and not others. It will help to retain your confidence and strength.

Place your mat wisely:

You have to keep in mind one thing, never place your mat in front of the class. Reason is that the instructor will never stay on one place. He will move around to help all of the yogis available. If you are at the front, you will see that most of the yoga moves are done turning to the back. So if you will be at end, there will always be a chance to get a clear vision and every time, he will be upset.

Don’t be stuffed:

Another important rule of yoga class is to avoid coming with full stomach. When your stomach is full, you will not be comfortable while using some specific moves. You must come after taking a glass of juice and no solid food is recommended If you want to look good.

Do not Over think:

You must understand that thinking too much might spoil your yoga time. Never make your mind trapped with absurd thoughts when you have decided to do yoga. Some say that it is impossible to not to think. The only way to avoid thinking is to concentrate the yoga steps you are taking and the movement of your body. Distraction is the biggest source of failure which definitely you never want to do to your daily yoga routine.

Don’t skip the basics:

Keep it in your mind that you should never ever skip the basic poses. Many people try to rush for the newer and flashy steps and leave the basic ones. It will make your learning slow and you will never master the basics of yoga. If you are planning to do that, make sure to never skip basic steps. Fundamental steps are always settled to increase your strength and breath control.

Don’t be over-quiet:

The instructor is always available for you to make things clear so never be over silent when you have a question in your mid. Try to interact with friends and fellows and never let your mind be confused. Ask everything which you want to ask and or else you will have lots of confusions about the job you are doing.

Avoid taking Any class:

Yoga schedule is settled according to different skill levels. You cannot join any yoga class of your choice. If you have confusion about anything, ask your instructor but never choose a class that is totally out of your strength range and your skill level.

Skipping the Cool Down is wrong:

It is a general practice that the class rushes outside the room soon after the period is over. Avoid skipping the last moments of a yoga class. The instructor tells you how to focus the stretching poses and deep relaxation. This cool down session will help your body to come to its place and breathing to the slower (normal) state.

Yoga is really important specially in this era of haphazard, we do not do all these relaxing things and then complaint to be exhausted and mentally trapped. Yoga makes your mind and body fresh, sharp and presentable. It is the real blessing to find something that relaxes us.

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